Edinburgh to Moffat and Back

Approximate duration: 3.5 hours riding time
Approximate distance: 110 miles
Recommend stops: Moffatt and Innerleithen



This is a lovely loop that is easy to ride in an afternoon. I like this route because the scenery starts immediately as soon as you turn onto the A702 and the Pentland Hills south of the City of Edinburgh. Further south, you will cross into the Scottish Borders and pastural farm country and plenty of rolling hills. Small towns and villages dot the ride and provide ample opportunities for a rest or cup of tea. Past Tweedsmuir, the riding becomes more technical and twisty, eventually leading up to the famous Devil’s Beef Tub. Don’t forget to stop and peer over the chasm below and read up on the origin’s of the unusual name. Just down the road, you’ll find Moffat, a popular destination of bikers in the region. Personally, I like to stop at Café Ariete for a soup and a toastie before heading back north. Picking up the A708 nearly across the street from the café, you’ll head through stunning glaciated valleys and come upon the Grey Mare’s Tail, one of the largest waterfalls in the UK. If you’re up for a steep hike, this is a good opportunity to stretch your legs and get a workout. Further along, you’ll find St. Mary’s Loch and a café with a view that is upon during the summer riding season. Heading north along the A708, you’ll see heather, sheep, ancient villages and eventually Innerleithen, one of the most popular spots in the Borders for mountain biking. If you have time, it’s worth finding accommodations here and spending the night to ride 7 Stanes – Glentress just down the street. Be sure to cut through the golf course and a small mountain pass as you leave Innerleithen. The last remaining miles into Edinburgh are relaxed, with nice views of the city and the Firth of Forth if it’s a clear day.


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